Boost Your Business: Contribute to The Sampler!

September was my first month as a contributor for The Sampler. Now what is The Sampler, you might ask?

Well, it's a very clever system where indie business owners & crafters send in samples of their work each month. People can purchase subscription to The Sampler, and when they receive it, they'll get a potpourri of adorably-packaged items from fabulous DIY folk! Not only is it great for the subscribers, it's good for you because it's a tool to promote you and your indie business.
Some of the subscribers are important media people who, if they are wowed by your samples, can feature you in their magazine or blog!

You can contribute anywhere from 25 to 200+ items, plus up to 350 promos (like business cards or logo buttons).
It's fairly labor-intensive and requires some extra planning, but it's worth it. Oh, and did I mention that if you contribute, you get a FREE Sampler for that month?

Etsy.com's new e-zine, the Storque, has an excellent article about The Sampler.

For September's Sampler, I contributed 25 little apple hairpins with a "back to school" theme.
Designing the packaging was the most fun.

If you are thinking about contributing, here are some very helpful links:
If you have contributed to The Sampler before, post a comment and share your experiences!


AmyD said...

The Sampler has always given my business a huge boost! It's totally worth it and Marie is fantastic!

Bootlegger84 said...

im excited about the sampler, what should i make? i think i might do patches since i have done that and its a silkscreen thing..hmm. i have a blog now, yay --> http://ilovebootleg.blogspot.com/ <-- go team!