Upcoming Classes at Wholly Craft!

These are the upcoming classes at Wholly Craft!
I'm very curious about needle felting. Also, I love a handmade valentine.
If you can make it to my beginning embroidery class, it's pretty fun! We have a good time and you get to take home your own embroidery kit and pattern.

Needle Felted Valentines
Monday February 9th, 6-8pm
Class Fee: $15
Materials Fee: $15 (includes set of felting needles, foam block, red, pink, and white roving, red and pink flat felt. If you'd like other specific colors please bring them yourself)
Tis the season to create a valentine straight from the heart! And, in this case, you can pick up a great crafty skill while you’re at it! In this workshop, you’ll learn a dry needle felting technique and use this to create a 3D needlefelt appliqué on flat felt background. Your sweetest peas will be ever so pleased! No experience required.

Introduction to Embroidery
Sunday, February 22nd, 1-3pm
Class Fee: $15
Materials Fee: $5 (includes hoop, floss, needle, and sublime stitching pattern of your choice!)
Do you dream of having a stitched pinup or darling dachshund on your pillow or skirt? Well here’s your chance to make it happen! In this workshop, you will learn several basic embroidery stitches and how to put them to use in your own designs. Also, you’ll learn multiple fun and easy image transfer methods to ensure that almost any image will be ready to be rocked (with an embroidery needle) onto your fabric. Local designer and super fun instructor AmyD has been incorporating embroidery into her designs for years and will share all the best tricks of the trade!

My White Elephant Gift


If you weren't at the Crafty Cotillion meeting last night, you missed the White Elephant Exchange. I know you must be curious about what went down, so here's what I received in my big, purple, sparkly bag!


A 99 cent, arty phonebook,


a blue magnetboard,


mission style chimes (you know you covet,)


incense to match,


a cube, cherub candle (admit you're jealous,)


snowpeople salt and pepper shakers,


a snowman/ice block man tea light holder (okay, the snowman stuff is going to my sister who loves snowmen,)


wine charms (she might get those, too,)


a clown bicycle bell! (no touchy!)


the cutest glass piggy bank (!!! -- I threatened anyone who would dare take this treasure from me,)


a digital photo keychain (which will be loaded with photos of my white elephant gift, of course,)


a peach scrunchie (useful!)


lavender, olive oil soap (which might be old, I'm not sure. Does soap get old?)


and a note to explain it all.


There. Aren't you envious?